Deming Logging Show Wedding Deming Washington

Last year, when Carrie reached out to me for a consultation for their wedding, I didn't know what to expect. We met at Woods in Ferndale Washington and I immediately knew I needed to be a part of their wedding. She is such a fun, loving soul, who isn't afraid to speak the truth but make you feel so loved in the process. During their engagement session I got to know Colby a bit more. The two of them together are so fun, sarcastic, and just so in love. You can tell their chemistry from the very first seconds of meeting them. All the long months following their engagement led up to their wedding. I've never been out to the Deming Log Show fairgrounds before, and holy cow it did not disappoint. An absolutely gorgeous backdrop to their day, we wandered around the grounds taking photos, and telling stories. Colby knew for a fact that he would never get married. He was sure of it. But soon after meeting Carrie, his heart softened and after a few years of dating, he asked his soon to be father in law for Carrie's hand in marriage. about 10 months after that, he popped the question. In front of about 4,000 if his closest friends, and unbeknownst to her Colby stood up on log show weekend, and asked the love of his life to marry him. Carrie was SHOCKED. He managed to keep this a secret from her, and everyone else, except for a handful of friends who helped pull it off. 

The day started like any else, the groom arrived with a bang, with his groomsmen in tow. Carrie got ready, and we went up to the grandstand to do a daddy daughter first look. I felt a little choked up and definitely wasn't crying at all...


Next was the first look. We pinned on Colby's boutonniere and off to the first look we went. I was not expecting my emotions to be so paper thin. When Colby turned around to see Carrie for the first time, there was not a dry eye anywhere on the grounds. It was so sweet. 

As the day progressed and as I listened to the toasts, and the stories of these two, it already confirmed what I knew about them. They are so full of love, so willing to lend a hand and help out whenever they are needed, so loving, kind, and wonderful humans. Each story led to another story, that led to a joke, that led to tears. This day was the best kind of emotional roller coaster. 

Surrounded by family and friends they said their vows to one another, and promised to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives. I feel so honored to have been able to witness this beautiful, sunny summer day wedding. I hope you enjoy this extended peek into their day, and Colby and Carrie, Cheers to you and the rest of your lives!