Ferndale Washington Maternity Family session

Meet the Casteels. They are a warm, loving, caring family that are about to have their third baby. I have been so excited for them since hearing this news, but it really didn't hit me until Nikki posted a photo that I took and captioned it "our last family photo as a family of four." Then came the tears. It got me thinking back to when we first met the Casteels. I was watching them move in next door and I saw that Mike had a cammo hat on and I immediately said to my husband Nick,"my gosh he is wearing a cammo hat, I bet you guys could be friends!" I also reminisced about the time I pulled up in our driveway and Mike was fiddling around in his garage watching me. I was weirded out seeing as I didn't know them that well yet but when I got out he called me over to the garage and showed me that he had Nikki's engagement ring in hand. I cried then too. I am sensing a trend here. I avoided her like the plague for the next 10 days because I was worried about spilling the beans. Mike finally popped the question and I didn't know that they were leaving their house and I was literally running in my door so I wouldn't have any chance to say something I shouldn't. She said "look" and the first thing that came out was screaming and then "finally!!" I had been waiting 10 days, she had been waiting years lol. 

Then came our weddings, purchasing our houses, and the the news. Nikki was pregnant with her first. I was 8 months pregnant, and we were set to go on a walk. She was on her porch reading. She said "I thought I needed to read this book" The title? What to Expect When You're Expecting. I started crying and jumping up and down and screaming. I can still remember it so vividly. Now Mr. Waylon is 4 years old. It seems like a lifetime ago.

My second and Nikki's middle child Hailey were born 4 days apart. She came over to drop dinner off and she said very casually, "We are on our way to the hospital, my water broke!" I believe my words here were "Get out of here!!! Go have that baby!" and they were off! 


And now Little boy Casteel is due to arrive next week and I cannot be more excited for their family and this next chapter in their lives. Thank you Casteels for letting me capture your moments, Happy Birthday Mr Waylon, and little boy Casteel, you cook to perfection. We can't wait to see your handsome face, and cry some more.