Semiahmoo Family Session Mother's day Mini Sessions

A mother's job is to love fiercely above all else. Think about it, you could royally screw up, seriously like accidentally spray your kid in the face with the nasty dog water trying to dump the dish, and as long as you love them, that alone makes it all better. (this story may or may not have happened to me recently) 

The thing I love about my job is that I meet so many beautiful moms and dads, and I see the love they have for their children, they way they make their kids feel is love. In the future, the very long far off distant future your kids will look at these photos you've had taken and printed and they will remember the love you share, the love they feel, and they will remember all the love they still feel for you. 

Maeg and Rob, you guys are amazing parents to Luke. look at that love on his face. He knows it too <3