Semiahmooh Maternity Session Blaine Wa

Meet the Lopshire Family! I met Staci through MOPS and right away I knew this lady was special! She always has a smile on her face, she works hard to be a boss babe, and a phenomenal boy mom! There are several things I admire about Staci, but one is her ability to be talking to you and there could be 3 million other conversations going on, but you just know she is listening and hearing you, understanding where you come from, and helping you figure out life. Her hubby and these boys could not have a better woman in their lives. From speaking with her you know she lives life to the fullest, these boys are always on some sort of an adventure with their family. 

Gerrad is a man after my own heart, they way he interacts with his children Garrison and Garren, and Staci is so fun. They are silly, crazy, a little serious, but mostly having a great time. We got lucky and found several bunnies to watch, some crab shells and a ton of rocks! 

Garren and Garrison are going to be amazing big bros to this little G coming next month. They already speak of how much they love him, how excited they are for him to arrive, and what they are going to do with him once he gets here. Oh and the Pokemon. Don't forget the Poke-adventures they will have with their little brother. 

For right now family, enjoy all the icecream, laughs, and crazy, I can't wait to meet your little nugget this July