Firehouse Family Session

I just love this little family! Meet the Johnson Family, Ashley, Omega, Serine, Eli and Cali! I have had this idea for a firehouse family session for a while now, and to see it come to life just makes my creative heart sing! I must admit, reaching out to Ashley about my idea I wasn’t sure how she would react but she loved the idea as much as I did.

Set in the beautiful Ferndale Washington, out on Sandy Point Shores we met early in the morning! I always appreciate everyone who serves the public, and have never really known exactly how to say thanks to them. I came up with this idea to give back with a discount on a family session to those who serve.

Even if you can’t give photos to a family there are lots of other ways to help show appreciation.

  1. Bring a homemade meal- Take a meal to the fire house or even snacks/doughnuts/apples those kinds of things go a long way!

  2. Say Thank you- Never underestimate how far a simple thank you goes

  3. Put together a gift basket-practical items they can leave at their firehouse to use

  4. Donate to a cause that helps them- fill that boot and other causes.

  5. Help with their local “feeds” If they do a pancake breakfast or hotdog feed to raise money see if you can donate your time to help bus tables.

So make sure you say THANK YOU every time you can!