Who I am


I am a photographer specializing in adventure sessions and outdoor photography. I love photographing people who are romantic, people who are spontaneous, and people who are adventurous. Are you one of these people? Families, couples, and weddings are what make me happy. I believe in not only getting photos with your family, but being able to display your photos proudly within your home. You may not realize it, but there have been studies between houses with photos on the walls, and the feeling of belonging and a sense of family to a child. Each and every time your child sees that photo on the wall they will be remembering the feeling of your session, they will remember the fun we had, and they will be reinforcing their love for family and their love for you. 

Just in that same respect, proudly displaying your wedding photos will help you remember how you felt on your day. It will evoke a feeling of love, togetherness and you will be reliving the happiest day of your life each and every time you look at your photos. 

I live in the beautiful Bellingham area, a sweet little city tucked in between the beautiful Puget Sound and Mount Baker. I love incorporating the beautiful natural backdrops we have around our area into your photos. I first started taking photos long before I realized I wanted to be a photographer. Once my kiddos were born I knew I wanted to document their growing up. Enter photography. I love documenting the love, the memories, and the experience of growing your family. 

On the day of your session, we will have fun, play, and probably have a few snack breaks in there too. I would love to sit down with you via video chat or in person to talk about your day, and your session! 


Photo by Tiffany Burke