Artist Point Family Session -Mount Baker Washington

Meet the Isaly's. Don't ask me how to properly say it though :) This is Liz Suzan Russ Evan Raymond and Reed. We had so much fun exploring with their dog Wilson up at Artist Point near the Mount Baker Ski Area. It was bitter sweet because this was likely the last time I will get to go up there this year! I love it so much up there and I love sharing it with friends. I learned that Mr. Evan, plays U-12 soccer and really loves to make Crazy Faces and "show his guns". Reed also loves fruit snacks and definitely earned two whole bags of them! I play soccer with Liz, and I knew I liked her, but her family is just the sweetest, fun loving family and it was so much fun to take their photos. Even Raymond and Susan got in on the kissy face photos *swoon* Fun Fact. Raymond is a total boss! He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro when he was younger. WHAT? so cool! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.