Senior Session Bellingham Washington

Well it's happened again, school has started to a new senior class. 2018! Soon these seniors will be hearing from colleges and getting prepared for the "real world,' and trying to figure out which dorms they will stay in. 

Ryan is a senior with Snohomish High school in Snohomish, Washington. He loves his truck Tanya the Toyota. Tanya the truck has almost gone to the moon, and with 214,000 miles on it, it will likely finish it's trip there by the end of his senior year. He is planning on studying biology at WSU this next fall, and even though I am a Viking through and through, I wish him all the fun college times he is bound to have. But let's not forget all the fun things that lie ahead in his senior year, homecoming, college letters, hanging out with friends. 


We started off at Lorde Hill Farm and them moved to the river front and downtown Snohomish to finish off his session. Ryan was a good sport, played along, and followed along with my schenanigans. Thank you for letting me take your senior photos! 

Afton Lewis