Clayton Beach Family Session Bellingham Washington

Clayton Beach is one of my favorite spots along Chuckanut Drive in Bellingham Washington. I was over the moon when I received a message from Jackie and Pete asking if I had some time in my schedule to do a family session for Christmas. You see, Pete and Jackie are teachers at Western Washington University and I had the pleasure of taking a class from each of them! Jackie taught me Geophysics, and I had the opportunity to go on a deep sea cruise to Hawaii with her to retrieve her under water seismometers, also known as the peanuts. We learned all about the Loi'hi seamount (which means the long one) and what the heck is going on with the newest of the Hawaiian islands. Purchase your land now because you won't be able to afford it once it surfaces.  I learned so much from her on that trip but mostly that I am claustrophobic and a little afraid of sleeping on a boat in the middle of the water. Jackie also is all kinds of badass! She paddles on a team in Bellingham Bay, tells the best jokes, and will answer any question about life you happen to have. She also is cooler than all the hipsters in all the land because everything she studies is underground still. Ba-dum-tsssss  [insert uproarious laughter here]

Pete I had the opportunity to take Petrology with and as a class we were able to take an overnight up to Whistler British Columbia and learn about all the mining and rocks along the way up there. I also vividly remember learning about how when basalt erupts it cools perpendicular to the surface in which it comes into contact with and makes columnar basalt. So if it erupts into say, an ice cave you get these really cool formations that look a koosh ball if you saw it in cross section. Pretty neat stuff. Pete is also a badass as he races mountain bikes, does handstands, and can also answer any question about life that bothers you. 

But back to the family session. The last time I saw Naomi and Tucker they were so little their backpacks were bigger than they were! None the less they are still just as cute as ever. Naomi and Tucker are rockstars who love reading (their favorite is a Series of Unfortunate Events) and are fantastic at Gymnastics. They refuse to hug each other and neither one of them will lick one another- weird. They are so awesome, and super lucky to have Jackie and Pete as their parents let me tell you! 

We walked down to the beach and right away they were all smiles and explorers. The day was very cold but beautiful. We could see the barges and the islands today and that was a spectacular treat, seeing as the north county was completely socked in with fog! 

You guys all are super amazing! Happy holidays.

Afton Lewis