Immaculate Conception Seattle Wedding Seattle Washington

This wedding was one for the books.

I was invited in to this wedding to second shoot for Sam and Sola Lee Photography by Sola, and I couldn't have been more honored to be a part of Frances and Jireh's day. Every little detail was absolutely gorgeous, delicate and intricate. The bridal party was welcoming and an absolute dream to work with. Even little Cheese the wiener dog was so photogenic. We started at the Marriot courtyard suites and from there we went to do the first look and bridal portraits at the Volunteer Park Conservatory and surrounding areas. I always say this, but it was one of the most genuine first looks I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and check out Sam and Sola Lee's video on the Carcellar's wedding. You can't help but cry with them. 

From the park we went down to Immaculate Conception Church in Seattle. I don't think I have ever been inside of a church that old, and that beautiful before. I could not stop staring at the details, and listening to the stories from the people in the church. The ceremony was beautiful. The choir sang loud and their voices rang through the columns as if I was at a performance at a great hall. The man playing the piano was so talented that I immediately got goosebumps when they started playing. The ceremony was perfect, the Deacon made the ceremony so relatable, so meaningful, and so Frances and Jireh. 

We then moved into downtown for the reception. It was in the downstairs portion of a restaurant and it was absolutely perfect! The lights, the food, the details and the people created a buzz in the room that was palpable. For the couple's entrance the bridal party was announced first and then, for the first dance the bridal party encircled the couple, singing along with their first dance song and sending out prayers and love to the couple as they started their marriage. Next was the father daughter dance and the Mother son dance. I am one who loves to hear the songs that the couple picks out for these moments and I love listening to the words of the song. The choices did not disappoint. 

I couldn't tell you how many times I cried during this day, or express fully how honored I felt to be a part of this day.

Then came the speeches. I heard stories about Frances and Jireh, together and a part. The way these family members and friends spoke of these two, it was like I had known the couple their whole lives. It informed me in a way that made me even more grateful to know that there are such amazing people on this earth. Sometimes you get bitter, you dwell about that one time that one guy cut you off on the freeway. You forget to love the people that are kind, genuine, imperfectly perfect human beings. You forget that there are soulmates out in the world. You forget what true love looks like. I am blessed to have witnessed the union of such amazing humans. 


Thank you to Sam and Sola Lee Photography, Thank you to Frances and Jireh, and most of all thank you to the powers that be who allowed the stars to align so I could be a part of this special day. 


Enjoy this extended peek into the Carcellar's wedding day

Afton Lewis