Eaglemont Golf Course Wedding Mount Vernon Washington

When I first met Zachariah and David it was at the Skagit Wedding tour in 2016. I instantly knew that they were a fun couple. After meeting them we did an extended engagement session starting in Fairhaven in Bellingham Washington, and moving to Clark Point, also in Bellingham Washington. It could not have been any better and I loved getting to know their story a bit more. Their engagement was a scavenger hunt leading to Boulevard park via all their important date spots. When they told me this story I wanted to marry them! They are so sweet to each other, they are kind, patient, and they listen with all their hearts. 

Their wedding day was so perfect for them! Jocelyn with Eaglemont Weddings and Events was a dream to work with. As she went about her day, she and her crew set up the perfect day for Zachariah and David. The grooms got ready in separate grooms rooms, and the blindfolds were put on and off to the first look we went. They stood back to back with the picturesque mountains in the background.

3-2-1 their blindfolds were removed, and we waited for their eyes to adjust before having them turn around and look at one another for the first time in their wedding tuxes. I loved the fact that they hadn't seen each other prior to the wedding but they matched and perfectly complimented one another. Right after their first look we wandered the grounds a bit, took their portraits, and then went back to the Clubhouse and started family portraits. We even had time to get on the golf carts and do some more grooms portraits in the golf course, which was a real treat! Also terrifying as I drove a golf cart for the first time and all I could see was every clip of golf carts going rogue and the passengers flying out of them! But alas, we arrived safely back to the club house and the fun began! 

Pozie by Natalie and the DJ's Janie Kelly - DJ & Emcee, were set up for the ceremony and it all was so seamless. We laughed, we cried, we loved Zachariah and David even more than we thought we could. 

During the ceremony Zachariah took the heart approach to love, speaking of David and how he promised to love him for the rest of their lives. David took the science approach, as he noted the regeneration of our cells, and how he promised to love Zachariah through every new cell, through every day for the rest of his life.

So sweet! 

The party continued for the cake cutting, toasts, and first dance.

Thank you Zachariah and David for letting me be a part of your forever after! You guys deserve all the happiness life can offer.