Semiahmoo Resort Wedding

Meet the Moffats,

They are kind hearted, hilarious, Lord of the Ring loving, Harry Potter Fanatic pair. I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite weddings (yes I say that about all of my weddings but I think what I love most is getting to know the family behind the couple). Toni and Kenny were surrounded by their closest friends and family out at Semiamooh Resort and Spa out in Blaine Washington over the weekend. Their laughter filled the air, and when they got emotional, it made all of us get emotional too. Their officiant was the bride's brother and he absolutely killed it. There was laughter, happy tears, and an overwhelming sense of 'home' radiating from these two. Their vows were so eloquently written it was as if I was present at a play, rather than a real life wedding.

And then came the speeches. Each one was better than the last, telling us a bit more about this meat loving bride, and her vegetarian husband. Oh and sports, all the sports. The icing on the cake was when the Man of honor spoke. He read aloud a letter he had written to Angela Lansbury, and spoke of the brides undying love and affection for the great actress and singer. "and without further adieu, may I present Mrs Angela Lansbury" and the bride 'fainted'. Angela of course didn't come out, and the bride eventually calmed her racing heart, as the speech continued, it showed love for both the bride and groom. Each speech spoke to the character of Toni and Kenny. I had just met them this day as I was second shooting for an amazing local photographer, but I felt like I had known them my entire life. I felt as if I wanted to be best friends with them and run into Mordor with them. They are exactly what I see when I think of love, and what everyone should look for in their "forever happy".

They ended the night with the Hora and dancing the night away. The bride and her brother even did a dance too. So sweet to see all their family and friends really enjoying the dancing and partying unto the wee hours of the night.

I feel honored to have been able to be a part of this day, and I will remember it forever.

I am posting most of the gallery for them. I took many photos for the 8 hours I was at the wedding, I hope you enjoy my absolute favorite favorites.  

Afton Lewis